Massage Towels

Spa Laundry Service in San Diego and the Surrounding Areas

Part of the experience when you visit a spa or a salon are the soft, warm, fluffy towels and robes. It is expected when you are pampering yourself. If those items aren't laundered properly they won't stay soft and fluffy for long. Our spa laundering service knows how to wash and dry your towels and robes so that the detergents that weigh down your laundry will get washed out. 

We are also equipped with plenty of industrial grade washers and dryers so that we can do a lot of laundry at one time and get you your laundry back faster. 

Spa Laundry Services you can expect:

  • Reasonable, Transparent Pricing
  • Quick, Reliable Turnaround Times
  • Pickup & Delivery Service
  • All-Inclusive Laundry Service
  • Customizable Pickup & Delivery Schedules
  • Separate Laundering

We will come to your location(a) as often as you schedule us. We will pick up your dirty laundry and return it the next day. 

No, you will never be asked to sign a contract. We know that you will stick with us as long as we continue to provide you with outstanding service. 

No. We never wash your laundry with anyone else's laundry.

We will come as often as you need us to.

We are equipped to handle all the spa laundry you give us. The laundry cost will depend on the amount of laundry and how often you require our service. Please fill out the information on the right to request a quote.

Servicing parts of San Diego County: 

San Diego, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, National City, Otay Mesa West